Ninca Leece

Welcome to pop électronique, courtesy of Ninca Leece. Having, in recent years, played clubs and festivals all over the world, writing soundtracks or collaborating with fellow musicians, the French vocalist, who now lives in Berlin, has finally got around to completing her debut solo album, which she has been working on whenever she found a free moment.

Brazil, China, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy Ninca Leece has certainly gone the distance to bring her very own interpretation of contemporary electronic pop music to the people. And it goes something like this: musically socialized through early New Order and My Bloody Valentine, Ninca conjures up immortal melodies out of experimental electronic dance, aided by her box of tricks (her "laboratory", as she calls it). She flirts dreamily with (minimal) house, clicks & cuts and synth pop, mixing the whole thing up with a sprinkling of noise, analogue instruments and field recordings. She modestly describes her first album as "a collection of my experiments in sound and emotions lots of funny little things, broken hearted sounds and melodies. It's about glitchiness, quirkiness, sexiness." Just listen to her version of The Cure's "Lovesong"!

Ninca Leece spent her youth in Rennes, France before, on coming of age, moving to Holland. Amsterdam & Rotterdam, to be precise, where she studied music production and singing. Since then, she has toured the globe as musician, composer, singer and producer, resolutely defending her musical independence, which is so important to her. She writes her own material, plays, records, arranges and produces her songs herself. That's her up on stage on her own as well ­ performing with breathtaking elegance. Her shows are often accompanied by striking visuals, created for her by video artists. Ninca usually sings in English, returning to her native tongue on occasion, or even mixing the two from time to time.